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The National Secular Lobby (NSL) is your secular voice.

Australia is entering a progressive era — we’ve finally made same-sex marriage legal and Victoria is the first state to legalise Voluntary Assisted Dying. These are just two key issues on our secular agenda. But there’s so much to achieve to separate undue religious influence from social policies.

Secular Freedom

The NSL is not anti-religious but international conventions state that “Freedom of Religion” includes the freedom to be secular, and also non-religious. Indeed, many Christians support a secular Australia — an IPSOS poll shows 78% of people want the full separation of religion from government business.

We are supported by high-profile ambassadors, and more will join us. We have a great team that drives the NSL — committed people with wide experience and expertise in secular politics. They are backed by a large group of Secular Consultants who specialise in specific areas of secular policy.

» How does secular policy benefit Australia?

Secular Progress

Your contribution enables NSL to promote the full secular agenda directly to governments and to all social and mainstream media.

Why does the NSL need this funding?

The NSL team and our secular consultants want to take a more pro-active approach to promoting secular policy. Apart from activity on Twitter and other social media we need to reach a far broader market through mainstream media. 60% of people still get more of their news and information via print, radio, and TV — particularly the high-profile programs with mass audiences.

But there’s a snag. Due to the time and expertise required to co-ordinate and progress our initial media program, our in-house team will need additional backup from various media specialists. We want to make sure we have the best talent available at all times to maximise our reach and impact. If you feel strongly about secular representation in the media, you can help us achieve this goal.

Secular Education

Who supports the NSL?

Apart from our Ambassadors, core team, and secular consultants, NSL has direct links with a wide variety of pro-secular organisations. NSL does not have regular membership — and there are good reasons for that. Support from groups in each state is vital to show the media that NSL is a genuine national identity, able to inspire community action and to lobby governments on the secular agenda.

But we can’t do this without your help. Hopefully you’ll see the humour in the rewards for your donations. We don’t produce anything material — we offer only our commitment to strive for secular equality — and if you look again at our agenda, that task is a massive one! Your support in this task is greatly appreciated.

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